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A call for violinist AND cellist...

Refer to my LJ about VIOLINST that are needed!

So...we just had a cellist leave today because his parents were in a REALLY bad car accident down in Florida and he might now be able to return. So there's now 2-3 cello spots open and is offered to anyone that can handle the rep. (it doesn't have to be PERFECT...but you should be able to learn the music because we play through a lot of music...the website has everything that we're either). If you are a cellist and can get to the Monteux School (in Hancock, ME), let me know. is on the website - Please note that there are no cello "teachers" for this school, however, it's a WONDERFUL way to learn standard (and some un-standard) orchestral rep and all the orchestral players here are REALLY good (some are from Rice, Peabody, Juillard, NEC, Boston Conservatory, New World Symphony, etc). AND, if you are at all interested in conducting...I think you'll learn so much from this...that you'll be WAAYYYY ahead of the game of those others who are interested in conducting...and aren't doing anything about it :)

If you wanted to fly, the best was is to fly to Boston, then take the Concord Trailways bus to Bangor and someone can pick you up. could fly to Detroit and then to Bar Harbor, ME. However you get here...if just fine. They might be able to reimburse you for travel (no promises on that one). Leave your contact info if interested in a comment.

I have to go study Tchaikovsky - Symphony No. 4 before rehearsal tonight...see ya!,

PS: Did I mention that it you would get FREE tuition and housing?

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::EDIT:: I was just told that another bassist wouldn't hurt either :D
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