James (leopus1190s) wrote in orchauditions,

When taking an orchestral audition.

A friend of mine and myself were having a rather heated discussion on what is appropriate in an orchestral audition and what is not. Here are the two sides of debate.

Side A:

When you go into an orchestral audition which requires a very standard concerto and a load of orchestral excerpts it is best to stay on the conservative side. Meaning doing what is standard for those pieces and doing them amazingly well. This is not the place to take the liberties as soloist, meaning no out of place dynamics, using out of place rubato, even if it "feels" like it could be there. This is a different mindset when playing in orchestra versus being a soloist. You need to play the audition as if you were in the orchestra at that moment playing those excerpts, not playing a corigliano concerto independance.

Side B

It's all about passion. Orchestras are looking for people who are willing to take risks and make something new out of music that is incredibly old. I have to do anything i can to make me stand out and extremely musical. So many zombies come in and play the same way time after time, it's the person like so and so who comes in and dazzles them. It is perfectly alright to take more time, after all this is just you in the audition, there is plenty of time to play the way a conductor wants when you are in orchestra.

What do you guys think of this?
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